I’ve never had a blog before, but I’m determined that 2016 will be a year of firsts for me. The last few years have been difficult to say the least, but I’m finally back on my feet and ready to take this year for myself.

I’ve got a list of new years resolutions longer than my arm, but the primary one is to be healthy and happy: to look after myself. Another is to try new things and escape my comfort zone, and document them in a form that I can revisit easily as I do not have the best memory. And so, bluerafts.wordpress.com was born.

The inspiration for my web address is ‘Maps’ by The Front Bottoms. It’s a song that I feel reflects my past year effectively, so it was fitting to bring the meaning of the song with me into the new year.

I’m not sure what the purpose of this blog is yet, or what I’m even going to publish, but I’m sure its going to be a bit of everything. I’ve got a lot of adventures planned with some of my closest friends, so I’m sure they’ll make an appearance on this page along with other things I find interesting (which is sometimes a lot of small, meaningless things that capture my attention.)