Ever since I was a young girl, my passion has always been science.

I didn’t have many friends growing up, so even at a young age I would throw ¬†myself into the realms of school work and books. I first became interested in science in primary school. We were learning about the science behind how you are able to see objects, and I remember thinking the subject was utterly fascinating.

My interest flourished during my transition to secondary school, where I started to learn about science in more depth.

Later, when I started to take interest in medical dramas I realised that I wanted to extend my passion for the sciences into my career, and become a doctor. This idea later developed in a full fledged plan on how I would become a heart surgeon after leaving medical school.

It’s weird to think now, that a tiny infatuation at age ten, turned into me sitting at my A level chemistry desk studying hydrocarbons (pictured) and starting to write my university applications.

Never give up on your dreams!