Downtime is very important to me, and between studying, working and socialising I don’t get to do it very often so I try to make the most of any free time I do get.

First things first, I like to be alone. This way, my free time is just that. Mine. I don’t have to worry about entertaining others or risk them talking over my favourite TV show or distracting me while I’m trying to read.

A good TV show or book.

Depending on how stressful my days been, I either like to settle down with a book or a good movie or TV show on Netflix. If it hasn’t been that bad, I will normally choose a book. However, if it’s been stressful and I’m tired, I will generally opt for the easier option of watching good telly.

Comfy clothes.

This can be anything, but nine times out of ten it’s my pyjamas. Because my life is so busy, I generally love to be lazy during my free time. Getting comfortable for me usually involves roomy pyjamas and being tucked up under my duvet with a mountain of pillows (either in bed or on the sofa, mood dependent.)

A tasty beverage.

If its the winter, I usually like to enjoy a cup of tea with a biscuit or two ( or the whole pack…) or a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. However, during the summer I like to enjoy a class of iced orange juice in a nice glass. I feel like using nice crockery whilst enjoying beverages that I don’t have very often adds a bit of luxury to my relaxation.

DIY spa treatments.

I don’t have a lot of money or time to visit a beauticians or spa, so I try to do this from home. I like to relax wearing a face mask from lush that best suits my skin type while giving myself a manicure and pedicure in my favourite colours. Spending a little time to take care of my appearance always keeps my spirts high.

A warm bath.

A warm bath is one of my most favourite ways to relax. I love the feeling of being fully submerged by gently fragranced water. I love to have bubble baths using sweetly scented bath soap, or using vibrant bathbombs from lush. I usually stay in the bath until its cold and my skins gone pruney because I just get far too comfortable. The best part is, you can do all of the above in the bath (except the comfy clothes which can be saved until afterwards.)