I haven’t been with my current partner for long, but he’s definitely turned my life around for the better.

His fresh outlook on life is completely different from my own and any I’ve ever come across, and it feels like ┬ábreath of fresh air. He’s got plans and ambitions and runs along with my silly day dreams of having a million small dogs when I finally get my own place.

He encourages my dreams and aspirations and motivates me to study and better myself even when I’m feeling like I want to give up, and for that I am forever grateful.

He picks me up when I’m down by telling me stupid jokes and giving comforting back rubs. He never has a bad word to say about anyone and always sees the beauty in bad situations.

He’s hard working and driven, and spends his free time divided between me and his passion for computers and radio. He spends a lot of time volunteering for our local radio station and is always quick to help others as far as he can.

I’m most grateful for how amazing he makes me feel. Even on my worst days he never fails to make me feel beautiful and loved. Seeing his smile encourages my own, and even though sometimes I find his goofiness to be thoroughly frustrating, its also so endearing.

He’s unlike any man I’ve ever met, and its been a whirlwind from the start. He’s swept me off my feet in so many ways, and I’m so excited to see what the future holds. The future is full of unknowns, but the only thing I do know is that I will continue to be grateful for him and his shining presence in my life.