Family member

There’s not many people in my family that I get along with, let alone confide in. However, there is one that has always been by my side, no matter what.

My auntie P is the most supportive woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone be related to. At any sight of trouble,  she is right by your side and will fight tooth and nail to keep you happy.

She’s been there for me at my best and worst times and motivated me to better myself and achieve my dreams (sometimes by deceit admittedly, but not once we’re her intentions ever nasty.)

I can always confide in her and know that whatever has been said stays between me and her. She’s brutally honest which is a quality I struggled with growing up, but have found increasingly admirable over the years.

She’s my best friend, and my partner in crime at every family event and I am increasingly grateful for her presence in my life.