It’s been a while since a read a John Green book, and now I remember why!

His writing is so powerful and gripping,  and the first person POV allowed me to connect fully with the main character, miles. He pays careful attention to detail when setting the scene and ensuring all his characters are realistic.

The book had me in its grasp from the minute I picked it up, and I found it hard to put down. The novel lures you into a false sense of security by making it seemingly obvious as to where the plot is going. But in true John Green style there is the world’s BIGGEST plot twist that had my emotions falling to pieces around me.

From that point onward it is no longer clear which direction the book is going in – but it does not dissapoint! The sense of uncertainty kept me on edge and avidly reading and I was highly satisfied by the ending when the novel came to its final crescendo.

Though John Green may seem evil in his plot lines, his writing is impeccable and for that I will continue to be a devoted fan.