I’ve been counting down the minutes to this gig since it was announced they were going on tour.

I first became a fan of the Libertines back in 2010, but not long after I started listening to their music they split up which was devastating.

Lucky for me,  2014 marked the start of a string of small reunion gigs and in 2015 their new album was released along with a line of European tour dates.

I bought tickets to the closest gig as soon as they came on sale. It was a long six months waiting for the day to finally come around.

But it was worth the wait. Last night I traveled to Bournemouth to see them. I queued for an hour and managed to get myself a spot at the barrier. I couldn’t believe how close I was going to be to my favourite band!!

The support acts were superb. Although they wernt my type of music, they had some real talent and riled the crowd up nicely.

When it got to the time they came on stage, I was blown away. It was everything I hoped and dreamed it could be and more. I was so close to the four favourite people in my life. The crowd was wild and even though I spent the whole time squashed against the barrier, I had the most amazing time.

They played all of my favourite songs beautifully.  Dreams came true that night.