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How to deal with new piercings

Over the last two years, I’ve accumulated 14 new piercings with plans to get many more.

With each new piercing, I’ve developed new techniques and habits on how to keep them clean and healing normally.

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Top 10 TV shows on Netflix UK

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52 weeks of gratitude: Week 2


I haven’t been with my current partner for long, but he’s definitely turned my life around for the better.

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Favourite ways to relax

Downtime is very important to me, and between studying, working and socialising I don’t get to do it very often so I try to make the most of any free time I do get.

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What makes you happy?

Happiness is very subjective. It changes from person to person and something that makes you happy, might not do so for someone else.

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One true love

Ever since I was a young girl, my passion has always been science.

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Sunday studying and a new book

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52 weeks of gratitude: Week 1

Why start this challenge?

I think its important for people to be thankful for what they have. It’s very easy for people to slip into bad habits of being envious of others, and not appreciating the things they do have.

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New years resolutions

  • Be healthy.

I’ve spent too much of my life attempting to be skinny. Skipping meals, and then when I do eat, eating junk that ruins any progress I may have made. but this year the idea isn’t to be skinny, but to be healthy; it took me a while to learn that there isĀ a difference. I’m going to attempt to consume more fruit and vegetables and limit the amount of takeaways and junk food I have.

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